National Egyptian Steering Committee Meeting for the Safe Agro MENA Project

We're excited to announce the energetic start of the National Egyptian Steering Committee meeting for the Safe Agro MENA Project.

Our exceptional steering committee is composed of key stakeholders and decision-makers that shape the reuse of agricultural drainage water in irrigation for agriculture. Moreover, the committee dominates the discussion for redefining the agricultural environment by establishing the path for utilizing drainage water in irrigating farms.

This dedicated committee plays a pivotal role in aligning Safe Agro MENA project with national strategies, ensuring its strategic direction remains on target. With an emphasis on collaboration, the committee actively guides the project team in decision-making, drawing invaluable input from different members and stakeholders. Additionally, they address issues beyond the team's authority and review risk mitigation plans. Beyond their roles in the project, committee members serve as advocates within their organizations, securing support and resources from national and international stakeholders. SafeAgroMENA transcends being just a project; it's a movement toward sustainable agriculture, and the steering committee meeting marks an important milestone in this transformative journey. Heartfelt gratitude goes to the committee for their unwavering commitment and guidance as we collectively sow the seeds of a greener future.

Exciting times lie ahead, and team members are enthusiastic about the impacts we can collectively achieve for small-scale farmers through safe water reuse practices through the SafeAgroMENA project in Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq.

The IHE Delft Water and Development Partnership Program, Financed by the Dutch Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, provided support for this project.