Mohab Eid: A Trailblazing Journey of Academic Excellence, Research Contributions, and Competitive Achievements in Computer Engineering

Mohab Eid is a dedicated Nile University alumni with a degree in Computer Engineering class of Fall 2023. His outstanding academic record has led to his acceptance into the Direct Ph.D. program at McMaster University's School of Engineering, specializing in computer engineering. He made significant contributions to academia through multiple publications, including conferences, journals, and book chapters, all achieved during his undergraduate years. Along with being a GDSC lead, he engaged actively in the realm of research. Mohab undertook roles as a research assistant at both the WINC research center at Nile University and Helwan University; he also holds the position of part-time session lead at Udacity. 

He got second place in the AIC-1 AI competition within the International Competition of the Military Technical College. This competition concentrated on Arabic text summarization through Natural Language Processing (NLP). Moreover, in Hacktrick 2023 - an annual hackathon organized by Dell Technologies - Mohab, along with his teammates, secured first place. This accomplishment comes amidst stiff competition, with approximately 250 national teams from diverse universities participating. 

Mohab M. Eid's journey is one marked by tireless endeavors and exemplary achievements, demonstrating his commitment to academic, research, and competitive excellence.