Minimum Percentage for Admssion to Nile University Schools Announced

The minimum percentage for admission to Nile University Schools has been announced and the student can now start applying to Nile University according to the minimum percentage mentioned below through: 

Join one of NU's four schools: 
School of Information Technology and Computer Science 62%

  1.  Biomedical Informatics
  2.  Artificial Intelligence
  3.  Computer Science

School of Business Administration 55%

  1. General Business & Entrepreneurship

  2.  Integrated Marketing Communications

  3. Finance

  4. Economics

  5. Supply Chain & Logistics

School of Biotechnology 55%

  1. Bioinformatics

  2. Applied Biotechnology

  3. School of Engineering and Applied Sciences 68% 

  4. Mechanical Engineering

  5.  Architecture and Urban Design

  6. Civil and Infrastructure Engineering and Management

  7. Electronics and Computer Engineering

  8. Industrial Engineering