Marketing Session by Mr. Moaaz Mostafa, One of Our Alumnus

The School of Business Administration had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Moaaz Mostafa, Founder of BasicsEngage - a marketing automation platform - for a session about growth marketing, where he shared two cases about Orcas and Valents in the B2C and B2B contexts.

What made the session rich was that Mr. Moaaz discussed journeys of success for both brands who managed to grow in scale by following the rules of marketing in the digital era through automation, behavioral segmentation, personalized content, and cross-marketing channels to optimize marketing efforts and customize messages for sub-segments along the marketing funnel. He also shared different marketing tools for advanced segmentation and content creation techniques.

It is worth noting that Moaaz is an alumnus from our School of Business Administration, and we are so proud to have him back as a guest speaker and true entrepreneur.

The session was a great closure for the Sales Management and Growth Marketing course under the supervision of Dr. Noha Alaa, Dr. Menna Kaoud, and TAs Menna Magdy and Haidy Hassan.