Launching a news era of sustainability " School of Energy and Environmental Engineering "

Igniting Innovation whilst Illuminating Progress: Unveiling Nile University's School of Energy and Environmental Engineering, where vision meets action for a sustainable future. Energy and Environmental Engineering are currently at the forefront of specializations needed globally, not to mention the continuous international interest in such fields.

Aiming to maximize the utilization of available energy sources while preserving the environment, the university’s role cannot go unrecognized especially when it comes to societal development. In light of this distinguished role, Nile University has established a new school specializing in Energy and Environmental Engineering.

The new School comprises two programs: Data and Environmental Engineering, and Smart Energy Systems Engineering. In both programs, students study data engineering, from acquiring and validating data, and programming, progressing through machine learning to artificial intelligence, and analyzing big data.

Programs Offered:

  • Data and Environmental Engineering: Various environmental systems such as water, air, climate, and solid waste management.
  • Analysis and evaluation of these systems to achieve a regulated environment.
  • Smart Energy Systems Engineering: New and renewable energy systems are connected to electricity networks through a smart grid system that optimizes energy usage and achieves the goal of sustainable smart cities.

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