ITCS Student Selected to Represent Egypt at the African Union Conference

We are thrilled to share that Passant Saad, one of our outstanding students at the School of Information Technology and Computer Science, has been selected to represent Egypt at the African Union Conference funded by the International Labour Organization (ILO) at the United Nations. 

Passant's selection is a great honor for Nile University, as she will represent our institution and the country at this prestigious event. As an AI representative of NilePreneurs and a graduate of ILO programs in Egypt, Passant is well-equipped to share her experiences and ideas on promoting decent work and social justice in Africa. 

Through her participation in the conference, Passant will have the opportunity to network with other representatives from different African countries and exchange knowledge and best practices. We are confident that she will make the most of this unique opportunity and contribute to meaningful discussions on important issues.