IECC Participating in the COSIMENA and Ezz Steel Workshop

Yomna Elnahas, Head of Startup Business Acceleration at IECC, recently participated in the COSIMENA and Ezz Steel workshop “The Gap between Theoretical Education at Egyptian Universities and the Practical Needs of the Labour Market: A Search for Solutions”, a dynamic collaboration by DAAD Egypt and Ezz Steel.

The event brought together academics and professionals from Egypt, Germany, and Palestine to tackle the crucial theme of bridging the gap between theoretical education and practical labor market needs.

Yomna presented the Erasmus+ project “University Student Capacity-building: Towards Readiness for Sustainable Development-Oriented Regional Job Market - STREAM”. The project focuses on preparing students for a sustainable development-oriented regional job market.

Yomna highlighted Nile University's integral role in Project STREAM, shedding light on how they integrate industry-demanded competencies into students' academic pursuits. She discussed the challenges faced and outlined the exciting future steps of the STREAM project, leaving a lasting impact on the collaborative efforts to enhance the alignment between education and industry needs.