GSP Club’s Simulatopedia Event

Simulatopedia, the highly anticipated business simulation event, took place at Nile University on July 30th and ended on August 3rd, leaving participants equipped with vital skills and a deep understanding of real-world business challenges. The event proved to be a tremendous success, attracting business enthusiasts, budding entrepreneurs, and future leaders eager to gain hands-on experience and expand their knowledge.

The event, presented by the Global Simulation Program (GSP), offered attendees a unique opportunity to engage in a realistic business environment. With a focus on experiential learning, Simulatopedia provided a platform for participants to enhance their decision-making abilities, develop data analysis skills, and foster teamwork. The success of Simulatopedia would not have been possible without the support and collaboration of various partners and sponsors. Al Maraie, Solex, Incubate, Sector B5, and Jesr played instrumental roles in ensuring the event's success. Simulatopedia featured a range of activities and workshops, each carefully designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience.