Dr. Lobna A. Said Winning 2021 IEEE Outstanding Branch Counselor & Branch Chapter Advisor Award

Outstanding Branch Counselors and Branch Chapter Advisors are individuals who, through their work as Counselors and Advisors, exemplify the Institute’s commitment to the educational, personal, professional, and technical development of students in IEEE-related fields of interest.

Congratulations Dr. Lobna!

Dr. Lobna A. Said is a full-time Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and the Nano-Electronics Integrated System Research Center (NISC), Nile University (NU). She received a B.Sc. , M.Sc., and  Ph.D. degrees in electronics and communications from Cairo University, Egypt, in 2007, 2011, and 2016, respectively. She has over 100 publications distributed between high-impact journals, conferences, and book chapters. She was involved in many research grants as a Senior Researcher/ Member or as a Co-PI from different national and international organizations. Her research interests are interdisciplinary, including system modeling, control techniques, optimization techniques, analog and digital integrated circuits, fractional-order circuits and systems, non-linear analysis, and chaos theory.