Dr. Irene Won the U-SOLVE Project Grant from The Academy of Scientific Research for her Sustainability-related Project

Dr. Irene Samy won the U-SOLVE project grant from The Academy of Scientific Research for her project to manufacture tableware from sugarcane waste. Dr. Samy's project is all about transforming sugarcane waste into eco-friendly tableware, reducing waste accumulation, and maximizing profit from sugarcane residue. Her vision is to champion the concept of the green economy and create a sustainable future for all.

Through her participation in the U-SOLVE project's capacity-building program offered by the Academy, Dr. Samy mentioned her incredible learning experience and added that she “was able to delve deeper into project management, gaining scientific knowledge and valuable insights. I found immense value in understanding property rights, creating a solid business strategy, and developing a financial plan for optimal customer, market, and societal results."