Dr. Ahmed Madian Winning the Scientific and Technological Innovation in the Field of Electronics Engineering and its Applications Prize

Nile University wins the El Shorouk Academy Award for Scientific and Technological Innovation in the Field of Electronics Engineering and its Applications.

Dr. Ahmed Madian, Professor and Director of the Nanoelectronics Research Center at Nile National University, won the prize for scientific and technological innovation in the field of electronics engineering and its applications, presented by Al-Shorouk Academy, on the occasion of the graduation of the batch of Engineer Othman Ahmed Othman at the Higher Institute of Engineering at the Academy, in the presence of Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Education Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Mahmoud Saqr, President of the Academy of Scientific Research, Farida Mohamed Farid Khamis, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the British University in Cairo, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rahim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Shorouk Academy, Deans of the Academy’s institutes and members of its academic staff, and a number of public figures.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Madian expressed his great happiness at receiving the award and the honorary shield, thanking all the Nile National University family, headed by Dr. Wael Akl, for the university’s research and academic role, and thanking the family of Al Shorouk Academy and the Academy’s graduates.

Dr. Ahmed Madian, Professor and Director of the Nanoelectronics Research Center at Nile National University, said that the award he received falls within the framework of the research he submitted, which relied mainly on the contribution of his results to the service of industry, scientific research, and society through research paths that relied on multiple concepts. Disciplines of mathematics, specifically calculus, circuit theory, wireless networks, optimization algorithms, chaos theory, security and cryptography, Internet of things, renewable energy, water management, agriculture, specifically fruits and vegetables in a theoretical and empirical framework, and other tracks.

Dr. Ahmed Madian confirmed, in his research that the sustainable development plan "SDS" developed by the Egyptian government defined Egypt's vision for 2030 and mainly aims to achieve prosperity and prosperity by 2030, and the development plan includes three main dimensions; The economic, social and environmental dimension, and that one of the biggest problems in Egypt is that the demand for agricultural crops is constantly increasing as a result of the increase in population densities, and to overcome this problem there is a need for a fast-growing economy, and for a large investment to cultivate large areas, which leads To improve the quality of agricultural crops, and from here it is necessary to improve all agricultural industry inputs, so Egypt’s vision can be achieved by raising modern agricultural industrialization as a necessary response to improving the productivity, quality, and efficiency of cultivated plants. Moreover, agricultural industrialization will improve the cultivated area in general; for this reason, it is important to achieve development in the food industry, including data-based agriculture, storage, and transportation technology, as the fruit and vegetable growing industry is a large global industry that relates to many other sectors including the food industries of shipping, processing, and packaging.

Since the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables is constantly increasing as a result of different population densities, the detection of the stages of ripening of fruits and the study of their characteristics over time is critical for many related industries, and so far the use of wireless technology and advanced circuit design in the field of fruits and vegetables is very limited, Except in very few aspects related to the storage and transportation conditions of fresh fruits, and this includes monitoring the humidity and temperature of the fruit without measuring the actual properties of the tissues. The development of a new term called precision agriculture, which is the ability to deal with differences in productivity within a field, increase financial return, reduce waste and minimize environmental impact using automated data collection, and document and use this information in the strategic management of the farm through sensor and communication technology, and here The importance of the research lies in that it provides a continuous monitoring system that reports on the bioimpedance conditions of the crop and transmits these information Measurements to a management server to be stored in a large database for analysis and decision making. Additionally, in the field of bioengineering, traditional tissue models have been modified so that impedance measurements are used in various tests related to plant health, ripening process measurement, plant damage, freezing and cooling, and measurement of Root growth of plants. All these applications can be used in the field of import and export.

It is also worth noting that Dr. Ahmed Madian, in 2022, is the Secretary General of the Communications and Information Technology Research Council at the Academy of Scientific Research and a member of the National Committee for Radio Sciences. He was also elected as the Secretary of the IEEE Egypt Chapter.