Business Administration School and Proctor and Gambel (PandG) Collaboration

Business School of Nile University has agreed with Proctor and Gamble to add the “School of Future Leaders” to its program. Dr. Ayman Ismail, Mr. Khaled Eid, and Mrs. Gina Mowafi met with Mr. Shady Samy and Ms. Fedaa Aboulhassan from “Proctor and Gamble” to agree. Students and Instructors can enroll through an online form on the NU portal to attend seven sessions in various work-related competencies. The program will help the students to engage in business practices and problem-solving skills and get introduced to the FMCG market. The PandG team might select students who will show commitment and passion for an internship. Also, you will find relevant attachments that you may use.