Bio-hybrid Soft Robotics Laboratory, the Newly Announced Lab

Nile University is proudly announcing that the Bio-hybrid Soft Robotics Laboratory (BHSRL) has finally been opened and added to the list of labs at NU.


About the Lab:

The Bio-hybrid Soft Robotics Laboratory at Nile University, Egypt is the first lab in Africa and the Middle East for soft robotics according to the MIT Media Lab site. We are aiming to build complete embodied intelligence soft robotics systems that encapsulate all means of actuation, sensing, smart materials, and morphological computation, supported by digital design and fabrication means. The lab was established through a grant from ASRT to transfer soft robotics technology from worldwide research entities to Egypt.


The evolution of robotics leads towards mimicking biological creatures. The vision is not only to imitate their motion but also to develop robots that merge with the environment. Soft robotics paves the way for robots with adaptable, degradable and aware capabilities, and even full cognition to become biological twins of our ecological pyramid.