Basmatna Initiative's Celebration Ceremony for Orphans at Nile Universiy's Auditorium

An honoring ceremony was held by Basmatna Initiative "to develop the skills of orphaned children" at Nile University's auditorium, which is regarded as part of the university's activities towards a positive community impact.
The ceremony came as part of its celebration of the end of the summer camp for orphaned children and low-income families, which aimed to teach children and develop their skills in logical thinking, values ​​and behavior, art, and language by training family members on developing their skills and teaching them on how to deal with children. In addition, they provided activities for orphaned children to develop their skills to contribute to improving their lives. The initiative made sure to also honor Nile University for hosting this celebration on its grounds. 
We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to Basmatna initiative for its efforts in this important event and for achieving a positive impact on society. We are proud to have cooperated with it and we thank it for its efforts in promoting values ​​and providing support to children.