ARUD Collaborating with the Slovak University of Technology (STU) in Bratislava

The Architecture and Urban Design Program (ARUD) at NU had the pleasure to host Dr. Milan Husar and Dr. Sila Ceren Varis from Spectra Centre of Excellence of the EU in the Department of Spatial Planning, Institute of Management, Slovak University of Technology (STU). Both have participated in several national and international research projects on the topics of smart cities, biodiversity protection, innovation, e-learning platforms, Living Lab, and sustainable spatial development.

Dr. Milan gave a public lecture to share his knowledge and experience with all ARUD students on the “Challenges and Potentials of Smart Cities: Experience from Central Europe”. Dr. Milan and Dr. Sila Ceren have also reviewed undergraduate students’ work in ARUD 325 - Spatial and Urban Dynamics and ARUD 426 - Urban Planning Process courses, giving feedback, enriching the discussions and proposing complementary perspectives.

These activities are part of the mobility agreement between NU and STU, which has marked a successful continuous collaboration in research projects and student and faculty exchange.