The Arab-German Young Academy (AGYA) Visit to Nile University

Nile University was delighted to welcome Mrs. Susanne Ruppert-Elias, Scientific Officer from Project Management Agency DLR, Mrs. Tanja Woronowicz, Scientific Officer and Technical Coordinator from Project Management Agency DLR, and Dr. Sabine Dorpmüller, Managing Director of AGYA, who learned about Nile University through their tour, with a specific focus on innovation. 

The Arab-German Young Academy (AGYA) delegates were accompanied by NU team composed of Professor Hassan Aly, in his capacity as a leader of NU Globalization and Sustainability initiative, and Dr. Lobna A. Said as MSD program director at NU and Steering Committee member of AGYA with representatives from NU Research Centers. The team emphasizes the partnership between Nile University and AGYA and the upcoming collaborations as AGYA brings together excellent Arab and German scholars to address common challenges and develop solutions through sustainable research cooperation.