Innovation Hub


About Innovation Hub

Nile University's innovation hub was established in 2015. Its mission was to boost the student’s innovation capabilities through boot camps, and courses, and to create a real hub for the innovators to connect and collaborate. The innovation hub extended to contribute to the university’s four main pillars through both individual and collaborative efforts with different university units.

The innovation hub currently is a series of labs and coworking areas that is available 24 hours 7 days a week. These labs provide an open coworking area - an inspiration area - and labs for different means of prototyping and manufacturing. The hub also provides technical support through the innovation hub engineers responsible for the labs.


The innovation hub aims to expand in the coming years to serve as many students and researchers as possible, participating in new projects that enhance undergraduates’ skills and qualify them for the industry. We plan to push the developing startups to launch their projects and continue to help them develop their prototypes till they have their first product launched.
The innovation hub also plans to maximize its research output by organizing the efforts into the innovation hub academy initiative. This initiative aims to pass the knowledge from the hub’s researchers to the undergraduates through study groups, research groups, and internships.


 The Nile University’s innovation hub role is rooted in the University’s four main pillars; academic pillar, research pillar, industrial and entrepreneurial pillar, and community service pillar.

The hub welcomes all undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and young entrepreneurs. The innovation hub was established to assist the undergraduates with their course projects and researchers with their experimental work. Currently, the hub assists senior students with their graduation projects and is having its research projects in progress.

Recently expanding to help students with their startup ideas providing them with technical support to develop their prototypes. The innovation hub also welcomes high school students to guide them towards finishing their year’s projects as a part of its services provided to the community. 

Moreover, Innovation Hub is offering its services to the industry; prototyping services and PCB manufacturing services are available in the innovation hub prototyping labs as a part of the labs' mission toward the local industry and the national economy.


Our Services 

Technical Support

Technical Support What began as a single person’s effort is now a thriving series of labs ecosystem. NU Innovation lab works with hundreds of students each year to provide not only a working atmosphere but also a well-rounded staff of engineers capable of assisting in a variety of engineering

Electronic Test bench

Electronic Test bench NU Innovation Labs offers all sorts of electrical test tools from power supplies to oscilloscopes to data acquisition tools. Innovation Hub also offers a wide range of electrical and mechatronics consumables like transistors, relays, switches, sensors and microprocessors.

Co-working Space

Innovation Hub provides space and shared resources to all students and researchers. From developing simple circuits to Industrial Robotic arms to Bioimpedance sensors, the Innovation labs play a pivotal role in supporting Innovators. They eliminate the added expenses that can come with outsourcing

Rabid Prototyping

NU Innovation Labs offer resources for Innovators of all kinds, especially those in need of prototyping and manufacturing tools. Since their opening, the Innovation hub labs have given innovators access to high-caliber tools and equipment, Innovation hub labs make it possible for more student and

Innovation Lab features:

- Multiple 3-D printers (FDM, DLP)  
- 3-D scanners  
- PCB milling 
- Areas devoted to assembly, manufacturing, and rubber molding  
- Soldering station