Writing a successful survey paper

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You have the chance to attend a unique workshop about Basic Research Skills.

It's a pleasure to announce our 5th special speaker.

Dr. Walaa Medhat

  • Date: 3 April
  • Writing a successful survey paper

Researchers begin their research by reading many research articles to specify the research gap in their research point. They always feel that they have wasted a lot of time in reading and do not achieve any progress in their thesis. However, they can write a survey paper about their research point to formulate their efforts into an output. Writing a survey paper is not as writing literature review. In order to write a successful survey paper, you need to follow a certain methodology, make a detailed analysis to the literature and add your own point of view. In this talk, I'll give you significant tips on how to write the survey in a way to be accepted for publication and get you many citations.

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