Workshop on Basic Research Skills

Nile University - NU Campus
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It's a pleasure to announce the workshops presented by our special speakers, where you will have the chance to attend a unique workshop on "Basic Research Skills".

Dr. Tamer Arafa

  •  Date: 28 February
  •  Writing and Analysing Research Papers and Recommended Tools In the second session, we will explore the intricacies of writing and analyzing research papers.

Dr. Mohamed Maysara

  • Date: 6 March
  • Reading and Understanding a Research Paper.

The talk will go through the main composition of a scientific paper and how to skim the paper and extract all the needed information in a short time. We will also discuss tips and tricks on how to keep yourself up to date with your topics and how to define your research questions based on your reading.

Prof. Ahmed El Mahdy

  • Date: 13 March
  • Research Methodologies

The third session will cover essential topics in scientific research, including the definition of scientific research, formulating clear research objectives, the importance of reviewing existing literature, hypothesis development and research design.

Eng. Mina Atef and Eng. Heidi Holiel

  • Date: 20 March
  • LaTeX

The fourth session will be about writing theses and research papers professionally. the session will cover Graphs, equations, tables, presentations, and references using LaTeX.

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