SOLE Biotechnology Competition

NU Campus

Science Operation Leaders in Egypt "SOLE" is a unique national Biotechnology competition in which students from various universities all over Egypt compete by testing their knowledge in different biotechnology aspects. Seven seasons have been held starting in 2014. The main aim of SOLE is to motivate the students to increase their knowledge about Biotechnology and try to improve their skills.

SOLE also aims to create a regular gathering for the Professors & students from the different universities with the Biotechnology field as a faculty, department, or program. SOLE consists of four competitions: Scientific Debates, Presentation Skills, Scientific Projects, and Case Study Analysis. With the addition of a fifth track introduced this year, "Entrepreneurship."

Nile University's School of Biotechnology will be hosting the 8th season of the SOLE competition on the 25th of February, 2022. This year, there will be a new additional competition under the sponsorship and care of the NilePreneurs Initiative.