Postgraduate Research Forum (PGRF)

NU Campus

On Thursday, 8 February 2024, Nile University is inviting all affiliated RAs, postgraduate students, researchers and master’s alumni to have another chance to join the NU research forum vibe, to compete and win awards. The forum will be a great to interconnect and meet people in different fields.
The Postgraduate Research Forum (PGRF) 2024 is open to all NU researchers and postgraduate current students and alumni to register and have their chance to present their research. What has been announced regarding the awards of this PGRF is deliberately kept a mystery but was promised to be non-traditional yet incredible. 

Participation will be through filling out the Registration Form. The next step is preparing and submitting the two-page summary and A0 poster to the Registration Form.
On the competition day, participants will be welcomed back to NU campus, present their poster and work physically before a panel of juries (if there are any prototypes/simulations to show this would be a great bonus).

Show the world how far NU community has reached and will accomplish.