NU Women's Day

NU Roman Theatre

Our students in collaboration with NUSU, organised a Women’s Day for the empowerment of all our NUian women hosted by Nile University's Student Union.

This event includes many talks and bazaar day but motivational and inspirational speeches took the main part in the event.

We are honored to have on our stage, Jannah Abd Monieam, Miss Egypt Teen 2018, and mona Mohamed, a Life Coach, who had a great impact on our students and their self-esteem and empowerment awareness.

The sponsors for the event are:

Bless, Yasmine Cakes, Hanin Bahaa Hair Stylist, the.whole.journey, Fatla Gallery, Farah Studio, Esraa el Gaml artist, and Glitter your world.

and the brands who will participate are:

YouScene, Dokanah, Hayah, Ctrl.Cai, Hook, and Needle, Fanacy accessories, and el Hawary.