NU Launches FinTech Diploma in Cooperation with the Egyptian FinTech Association

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Nile University launches Fintech Diploma in cooperation with the Egyptian Association for Financial Technology. Nile University signed a cooperation agreement with the Egyptian Fintech Association. The deal is based on cooperation between the two parties to offer a diploma in financial technology (Fintech Diploma) granted by the Executive Education Center (EXED) at the University's School of Business Administration. The signing of the agreement was attended by Prof. Dr. Hassan Youssef Aly, Dean of the School of Business Administration at the University, Mr. Khaled Eid, Director of Executive Education - EXED, and Mrs. Noha Shaker, Secretary-General of the Financial Technology Association.

The agreement was signed by Prof. Dr. Tarek Khalil, President of Nile University, and for the Egyptian Association, by Mr. Sherif Sami, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Commercial International Bank (CIB). Dr. Tarek Khalil stressed that this initiative is part of Nile University's proactive participation and contribution to building a knowledge society and support to expedite digital transformation efforts in Egypt, which is an integral part of Vision 2030. Mr. Sherif Samy, President of the Egyptian Financial Technology Association, welcomed the cooperation with Nile University and emphasized the importance of this program being launched by a credible and leading academic institution like Nile University to provide qualifications based on scientific and practical knowledge in an emerging field like Fintech.

He added that Fintech lies at the intersection of Business, Information technology, and Financial Services, is booming globally, and is witnessing steady growth in Egypt, so this program is of great value for Entrepreneurs, Banking professionals, and investors in those sectors.

Speaking about the agreement; Dr. Hassan Aly, Dean of the School of Business Administration, stressed that "the diploma came as a qualitative addition to the programs and qualifications offered by the School of Business Administration to keep pace with the business needs, as the School of Business Administration is keen to develop its programs in line with the global business trends. And the latest development and thinking in management, NUBS also offers the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program focusing on Business Analytics, which is crucial for modern business, and the first academic master's in banking and finance. Mr. Khaled Eid, Director of the Executive Education (ExEd), added that the diploma in Fintech would be a unique program in Egypt that focuses on application through a strategic and innovative approach to bridge the market gap and seize the opportunity in Egypt.

This will help participants innovate and develop Fintech products and services and expedite the digital transformation in Egypt. The program will be delivered by a distinguished faculty and subject matter experts to bring international expertise and leading experts from Egypt to align it to the local ecosystem. Ms. Noha Shaker, Secretary-General of the Financial Technology Association, confirmed that this partnership with Nile University aims to develop programs that focus on the financial industry's needs. It seeks to create financial industry professionals to meet the ever-changing market demands of the rapid development of technology.

She also stressed that these programs have been developed specifically for the Egyptian market and will cover the banking industry, insurance, and other non-banking financial services. Noha also called on all industry partners to work with Nile University and the Egyptian Financial Technology Association to develop customized programs that meet their specific business objectives to accelerate the growth of the financial industry in Egypt as an enabler for financial inclusion and economic development for small and micro-enterprises. The programs offered by the Executive Education Center include Business Analytic Diploma, Digital Transformation Diploma, and Fintech Diploma.

It is noteworthy to mention that registration for all graduate programs at the School of Business Administration at Nile University has started this month. 

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