Nile University Participates in Cairo Innovates 2023 Exhibition

New Administrative Capital

Cairo Innovates - Cairo International Exhibition of Science, Research, and Innovation aims to stimulate scientific innovation in Egypt. The two days event included sessions, workshops, competitions, panels, and inspiring stories of rising talents.

Nile University was honored to get selected as a partner and to participate in the 7th Cairo International Exhibition for Innovation - under the patronage of H.E. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, organized and sponsored by the Ministry of Research & Higher Education, and the Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT).

The Exhibition provided a great opportunity to showcase NU's impactful projects and accomplished prototypes in a diversity of research fields directly connected to National SDGs & Egypt vision 2030.

The Projects that we participated in the exhibition with them are:

1- Milcotech Device:
NP - 1- D Tech and Value Chain Center, collaboratively with the International Labor Organization (ILO), have developed (MILCOTECH) that integrates hardware and software solutions, addressing the needs of micro-scale milk suppliers for the digitalization of the milk collection process and the profiling of farmers, tacking their productivity including quantity and quality of milk supplied as well as a cash flow to the farmers and milk collection center. The product also introduces traceability between the farmers, milk collection centers, and milk processors. This product has the potential to prepare data needed to credit score the farmers in the dairy supply chain. In addition, it has the potential to expand on it and introduce value chain financing over wallets to the farmers.

2- Mimicking biodiversity in coral reefs using soft robots: Bio-Hybrid Soft Robotics Laboratory (BSRL) specializes in soft Robotics, which are made from elastic materials for different purposes and performance optimization.

It is a part of the Smart Engineering Systems Research Center (SESC) works on several research topics in soft robotics. The topics are varying between biomimetic soft robots’ application, soft gripping mechanisms, and bio-impedance applications. The major project currently is reaching a reliable version of an underwater soft robot that mimics fish nature to monitor marine life for environmental and economic goals.

3- Agricultural waste materials in wastewater treatment and an innovative prototype for the treatment of water.

4- Biodegradable plates from sugarcane waste.

5- IoT in telecom towers in collaboration with WINC research center:
Definition structure of communication towers:
The main objective of the Telecom Towers Architecture System is to protect the valuable assets of telecom sites and to provide unique profile data to telecom tower operators and manufacturers to come up with rehabilitation plans or even new tower designs to meet their needs. The main point of the proposed solution is to measure the communication tower's environmental factors, such as wind, humidity, acceleration, displacement, etc. using optical/wireless sensors. Then integrate the measured signals with a remote web application for data acquisition and characterization. The two main purposes of the proposed monitoring system are: (1) to estimate the stability of the communication tower and (2) to determine the degree of correlation between the stability of the tower and external conditions such as changes in temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and building construction. The project outcomes aim to provide telecom operators with updated and meaningful structural data and early warning. We believe that monitoring the condition of the towers can provide high-level analysis to increase awareness about the condition of the managed infrastructures.