The Launching Ceremony of the Electronic Platform for the Smart Agricultural Clinic Project at NU

NU Campus

At the launching ceremony of the electronic platform for the Smart Agricultural Clinic project, we were honored to present intelligent, modern, and innovative solutions for agriculture and livestock development in Egypt.
Nile University is leading an alliance with three technology companies in the Smart Agricultural Clinic project in cooperation with the Agricultural Research Center and the Academy of Scientific Research.

The ceremony was attended by Prof. Dr. Wael Akl, current president of Nile University; Dr. Tarek Khalil, founder and former president of Nile University; Dr. Ahmed Hassan, dean of the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Science. And a group of professors and influential figures to discuss the project's findings led by: Dr. Mustafa Al-Attar and Dr. Atwa Ahmed Atwa, the principal researcher of the Smart Agricultural Clinic project.
The ceremony was also attended by Dr. Mohamed Soliman, President of the Agricultural Research Center, and Dr. Mahmoud Saqr, President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in Egypt.

This project provides a model for artificial intelligence applications in the agricultural field. The project adopts digital guidance for farmers through an electronic application. It offers solutions to plant health problems in agriculture and infection with pests and diseases in a few seconds. Thanks to the information technology and computer science division, progress and prosperity are driven in all fields in the world.