"How to Write a Policy Brief" Webinar by Chris Sims


You are invited to attend the online webinar "How to Write a Policy Brief". The webinar will be hosted by Chris Sims, Deputy Director, Institute for Policy and Engagement, on 16th June 2022 at 2:00 PM.

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Researchers often have important insight and knowledge that can support policymakers to make better decisions. But getting policy audiences to pay attention to research findings can often be challenging: their time is limited, their to-do lists are long and there are always many other voices competing for their attention. Writing for these audiences is quite different from writing for academic purposes.

An effective policy brief is a key tool to help you stand out from the competing voices, get policymakers’ attention and convince them of the value of what you have to say. This session will guide you through the principles of an effective policy brief. It will cover the importance of clear policy messages, sound structure and visual design and get you thinking about how policy briefs can best be used to achieve policy impact. By the end of the session, you should be well prepared to produce your own policy briefs and to incorporate them into a plan for communicating with policy audiences.