"Generative Inspirations for Architecture in Context" by Dr. Sherif Mourad Abd El-Mohsen

NU campus

The Architecture and Urban Design (ARUD) program at Nile University is pleased to host Dr. Sherif Mourad Abd El-Mohsen as a guest speaker for a public lecture titled "Generative Inspirations for Architecture in Context".

Dr. Sherif Abdelmohsen's Short Biography: 

Dr. Abdelmohsen is an Associate Professor of Digital Media and Design Computing, Director of the Robotic Fabrication Lab, and co-director of graduate studies at the Department of Architecture at the American University in Cairo (AUC). He is co-founder of UDAAR Engineering Consultancy and IT Solutions, and president of the Arab Society for Computation in Architecture, Art and Design (ASCAAD). He received his Ph.D. degree in Architecture from Georgia Tech (2011) and participated in design computing research and teaching at both Carnegie Mellon University and Georgia Tech. He has over 70 published articles in the area of parametric design, digital fabrication, BIM, responsive architecture, and design-to-robotic production.

Professionally, he participated in award-winning international competitions and architectural projects in UAE, KSA, Lebanon, Italy, Germany, and Egypt. He is an honorary recipient of the Knowledge Application and Notion for Society (KANS) scientific competition (2018), Faculty Award of Merit for Best Doctoral Presentation (2012), and ARCC/KING Medal for Excellence in Architectural and Environmental Design Research (2009).