The Future of the Egyptian Economy in 2024

Nile University - NU Campus

As part of NU mission to contribute to national awareness and cultural values, Nile University is establishing the “Nile Saloon” initiative that will host in a periodic fashion key national and international figures to discuss important topics with NU family and shall be widely broadcast. 

Nile University is pleased to announce the first of a series of seminars that will be held at Nile University, which will be titled "The Future of the Egyptian Economy in 2024". The seminar will be held on Thursday, February 15th, at 9:00 AM. The seminar will be attended by Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance.

Dr. Wael Akl, President of Nile University, announced that the seminar series will be held regularly, holding a seminar once a month starting this February, which addresses various issues concerning Egyptian society and subsequently opening them up for discussion and presenting different perspectives and solutions.

All the seminars will include the presence of prominent figures, including ministers, officials, specialized experts, and thinkers.