The Evolution of Software/Hardware Interaction

Room 232 in UB1 Building (Dr. Tarek Khalil Building)

"The Evolution of Software/Hardware Interaction"
Do you want to learn more about Software and Hardware?

Software and Hardware have evolved independently from each other for decades. This has changed. With the new era of AI, High-Performance Computing, IoT, and the end of Moore's law, software and hardware have to evolve together (i.e. hardware/software co-design). Why did this happen? What does this mean for the new generation of researchers? What are possible research problems?

In this talk by Prof. Mohamed Zahran, he will answer these questions and raise more questions.

Prof. Mohamed Zahran is currently a professor with the Computer Science Department at New York University (NYU). His research interests span several aspects of computer architecture, such as the architecture of heterogeneous systems, hardware/software interaction, and high-performance computing.

N.B: Room 232 in UB1 Building (Dr. Tarek Khalil Building),  at 11:00 AM