The Egyptian Space Summit | Second Edition

NU Campus

The impressive success of last year's summit shows that it is time to invest in the brilliant minds of Egyptian youth so that Egypt can have an impact on the space industry. As such, we were thrilled to create the Egyptian Space Summit event of 2022.

The event proceeded in three stages:

1- Competition: Each team had to present an original idea for a project that relates to the space industry and is applicable from a business perspective. All high school and undergraduate students were welcome to participate.

2- Workshops: Attendees benefited from technical workshops on the trendiest topics in the space industry, and competitors employed the insight or experience they may gain to improve their project ideas.

3- Main Event Day: On this day, competitors gave their final presentations of their ideas. The main event also featured several talks by professionals in the space industry, astronomy, and aerospace engineering, in addition to a VR booth and a competition for all attendees.