Dr. Tarek Khalil Honoring Celebration

NU Campus

We are happy to announce that Dr. Tarek's Farewell Party will be held on Tuesday 19th October at NU Campus. We won't be able to describe or give due credit to showing our love and appreciation for all the efforts and the love that Dr. Tarek has bestowed on both Nile University and its family.

As the founder of Nile University, he has relentlessly developed and assured the prominence of this university from beginning to end till it became one of the most respected names among Egypt's multiple universities.

On the humanitarian level, the gratitude that each member and student who has ever passed by is still there is a unanimous feeling. It comes from his continuous care, love, and effort we have seen towards everyone. Fortunately, Dr. Tarek will be staying at the university as the Dean of MOT school. He has also founded and is one of the individual schools in Egypt that offer postgraduate programs. We wish him the utmost health, prosperity, and happiness!