"Connecting The Future" Event

NU Auditorium
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With the rapid development of technology and the boom that occurred in the labor market in the recent period, the requirements of the labor market have varied, and new skills have appeared, that every student or graduate needs, regardless of his/her field of work. 

In addition, many job opportunities that are now available have appeared suddenly and are jobs that we haven’t heard about in the last 10 years. These new emerging opportunities have paved the way for many students and graduates to find job opportunities during their studies and after graduation, and many times they remain in fields far from their studies. That's why, for the first time, we gathered 4 of the most influential and successful individuals in the Arab world. 

Many students and graduates have benefited from their experiences and knowledge over the years. Their videos have exceeded millions of views on all social media platforms in many different fields, and millions of followers are still benefiting from their knowledge and experience. 

In an unprecedented event anywhere in our Arab world, Nile University is honored to invite high school students, university students, as well as graduates, postgraduate students and academics to attend this exceptional event, entitled "Connecting The Future". 

The event will be held on Sunday, January 29, 2023, at Nile University Campus: Juhayna Square, 26th of July Corridor, Sheikh Zayed, Giza. 

Through the event, you will meet the incredible group of influential and inspiring individuals in our Arab world: 

  • Dr. Ehab Muslim 

Management and Marketing Consultant, Founder of the Corporate Clinic Initiative and Dr. Ehab Muslim channel.  

  • Dr. Ramzy Abdel Aziz 

An educational influencer, research and staff scientist at Aalto University, Finland, and founder of the Education Clinic initiative. 

  • Mr. Osama Al-Zero 

Programmer and founder of the Elzero Web School channel 

  • Mr. Ibrahim Adel 

Founder of zAmericanEnglish, the largest English language learning channel.