"Bridging The Quantum and Classical Paradigms in Wireless Security" Lecture by Prof. Hesham El Gamal

Room 127, Dr. Tarek Khalil Building

You are invited to attend a live public lecture titled “Bridging The Quantum and Classical Paradigms in Wireless Security", hosted by Prof. Hesham El Gamal, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at the Faculty of Engineering, The University of Sydney.

Day: 15 June 2022

Time: 12:00 pm- 1:00pm (Cairo time – GMT +2).

Location: Room 127, Dr. Tarek Khalil Building , Nile University Campus, Sheikh Zayed District, Juhayna Square, 6th of October City, Giza, 12588, Egypt

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Talk Abstract:

In his 1948 seminal paper, Shannon introduced the notion of equivocation as a foundation for provable secrecy proofs. Since then, this powerful tool has been utilized to propose and analyze various secrecy schemes within the classical and quantum worlds. In this talk, I will review some of our works that contributed towards establishing a foundation for wireless secrecy based on information theoretic principles. Interestingly, these results show that the ``multi-terminal wireless channel’’ can be leveraged as a resource, instead of being viewed as a vulnerability, and allows for the joint optimization of secrecy schemes at both the physical and application layers. I will then describe our recently developed high dimensional quantum key distribution protocols. This novel protocol is inspired by the the quantum illumination paradigm and borrows concepts from our earlier work on the security of the classical wireless erasure/fading channel with feedback. By bridging the quantum and classical worlds, the proposed scheme is able to simultaneously achieve perfect secrecy, a much improved noise resilience, and an infinite key rate per unit energy in the energy limited regime. I will conclude the talk with a brief overview of the Quantum Autonomous Systems (QAS) initiative, and other notable activities, at The University of Sydney.