"Biomedical Electronics and the Modern Medicine" by Prof. Patrick Degenaar from Newcastle University

Nile University - NU Campus

Nile University is thrilled to welcome a valuable visit from Newcastle University on Tuesday, 5 March 2024. We will be having Prof. Patrick Degenaar from the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Newcastle University, give the talk titled " Biomedical Electronics and the Modern Medicine".

Patrick Degenaar (SM’15) received a first class (Hons.) degree in applied physics and an M.Res. degree in surface science from Liverpool University, Liverpool, U.K., in 1996 and 1997, respectively. After a short period as a Medical Engineering Technician, in Northern Ireland, he received the Ph.D. degree from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Nomi, Japan, in 2001. After another period in the software industry in the Netherlands, he joined Imperial College, London, U.K. as a Postdoctoral Fellow in 2002. In 2005, he received an RCUK Fellowship and was promoted to a Junior Lecturer position. He was further promoted to a senior lecturer before departing to join Newcastle University in 2010, where he was promoted to a reader (associate professor) in biomedical engineering. His primary research interests as an academic lie in developing optogenetic forms of prosthetics, and in particular, visual prosthetics. Between 2010–2014, he was the coordinator of the OptoNeuro FP7 project. Since then, he has been the Engineering Work package Leader of the flagship CANDO project in clinical biomedical engineering.

All interested researchers are cordially invited.

  • The talk will take place physically at Nile University Campus
  • Location: Room 114
  • Tuesday 5th March 2024 at 12:30 - 01:30 PM