Anti-Bullying Workshop from School of Continuing Education

NU Campus
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The School of Continuing Education (NUSCE) is inviting all of you to attend the upcoming Anti-Bullying workshop with a special discount. The workshop will be held at NU next Saturday 29th October 2022, from 9 AM to 3 PM.

All NU staff are entitled to a 25% discount, which means the workshop fees will be 300 EGP.

Workshop Topics:

  • Introduction to the concept of bullying 
  • Forms of bullying (verbal - physical - psychological)
  • Causes of bullying (psychological - family - school - technological - media)
  • Symptoms of bullying 
  • Children most likely to be bullied
  • Treatment of bullying 
  • The role of parents in reducing bullying 
  • The role of the student in reducing bullying 
  • General tips