“50 Years Since the October Victories” Symposium

Samir Helmy Hall, Room 127

We are honored to announce the “50 years since the October victories", a cultural symposium that will be held on Monday at Nile University.

Nile University celebrates the golden era of the October War in the presence of the heroes of victory through a cultural symposium celebrating the 50th anniversary with 3 veterans who will be the keynote speakers in this special symposium.

The symposium aims to instill the spirit of loyalty and belonging and spread awareness among university students by highlighting the heroism and sacrifices of their people. 

Dr. Wael Akl, President of Nile University, stated that “the new generations have the right to know the extent of the sacrifices of our grandparents and parents had to.”

The symposium also comes within the framework of Nile University’s keenness on spreading awareness to its students and the new generations about the history of their fathers and grandfathers. In the glorious October War, the heroes paid a heavy price with their blood to recover a precious and dear part of the homeland that they swore to protect and preserve and to safeguard their country's soil and borders. That is why our duty is to pass on their heroism to our students so that they know the magnitude of the sacrifices made to have the kind of blessed life they are living now.