What We Offer

Executive Education offers many services for organistaions, Business Leaders and future leaders, whether it is related to trainings, courses, or diplomas.


For Organizations:

  • Customized Learning Solutions

We will work with you as a business partner to build customized programs for your business needs. We precisely identify the business needs and suggest the program/ intervention to fill the gap between today's business challenges/ requirements and tomorrow's objectives and opportunities.

Our programs address several business objectives, including:


  •  Improve business / product / process
  • Develop people and competencies
  •  Learn about problem prevention
  • Come up with customized and innovative solutions

Build/Sustain Competitive Advantage

  •  Create value
  •  Capture value


  • Understand competition and develop competitive strategies
  •  Understand and analyze future markets
  •  Build competencies to lead the future
  •  Partnership Programs


As a leading entrepreneurial academic institution in Egypt, we have the expertise to tailor specialized long term programs to develop people and competencies at a wide scale through many formats that include:

  •  Tailored programs (Workshops / Master Classes)
  • Executive and professional qualifications
  •  Online learning solutions
  •  Executive coaching
  •  Consulting and Coaching

We have the capabilities to support our clients from strategy through execution through our vast network of international and local subject-matter experts, business advisors, and gurus from both the business and academia world, combined with our expertise in identifying and analyzing business requirements and supporting the execution process.


For Business Leaders:

  •  Master Classes

Our Master Classes are programs designed by highly experienced learning professionals based on an experiential learning approach to meet specific business objective(s). This approach helps executives to see the big picture, encourage group thinking, trigger innovation and boost willingness to change.

We offer world-class master classes led by international gurus, and our team who have developed master classes involving world figures like Gary Hamel, Tom Peters, Rene Mauborghn and many other world business gurus.


For Future Leaders:

  • Professional Diplomas
  •  Diploma in Digital Transformation
  •  Diploma in Business Analytics
  •  Diploma in FinTech

Diploma in FinTech

ExEd presents the most anticipated diploma in Egypt: “Fintech Diploma”. Delivered to you by subject matter experts with hands-on experience in the field.



The aim of this program is to build strategic and business capacity to develop solutions to address the gaps in financial services and build solid foundation in Fintech and its applications to the financial ecosystem.



Through an experiential learning approach, we will provide frameworks, case studies, groups assignments and problem statements to solve, participants will be provided with cutting-edge tools and frameworks to apply in real business.



This program is structured to equip participants with the Mindset – Knowledge set - Toolset to build the required competencies to lead in the digital world while focusing on developing & delivering solid Fintech products, strategy, and growth.


Diploma kickstarts at the beginning of April with guided access to online content, and the face-to-face portion of the diploma will start May 10th. For any inquiries, please contact Dabdelfattah@nu.edu.eg

  •  Certification Programs
  •  Digital Transformation Strategy
  •  Competitive Strategy
  •  Business Leadership
  •  Leading Change
  •  Agile Leadership
  •  Business and Data Analysis Skills and Analytics Modeling
  •  Analytics for Decision Making
  •  Professional Certificates
  • Management Development Program.