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Silvana Atef Fathy

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Eng.Silvana Atef received her bachelor's degree in computer engineering (CE) from Nile University in 2022 with highest honors. She had worked in the Wireless Intelligent Networks Center (WINC) where she published several research papers. Also, she is currently a teaching assistant at the school of engineering and applied sciences, Nile University. Her research interests include problem solving using Machine Learning & Deep Learning.

  1. Received four academic certificates at the university in the research forum events for winning the first place in the project of Fundamentals of Computer Engineering Course, the third place in the project of Linear Algebra Course, the fifth place in the project of Calculus II Course, and the fifth place in the project of Differential Equations and Applications Course.
  2.  Received an academic certificate of Acknowledgement during the 13th Undergraduate Research Forum for being one of the best interns during the summer 2021 Research internships.
  3.  Received two academic certificates during the 14th Undergraduate Research Forum for publishing two research papers at the Wireless Intelligent Network Center.
  4.  Competent knowledge of MATLAB, Python, Arduino, NI Elvis, and assembly Language.
  5. Awards : BSc., Computer Engineering, Nile University, July 22 with CGPA 3.85/4.00
Research Tracks

Operating Systems, Software Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence Field