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Samar Ibrahim Antar

Research Assistant

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Samar has a Bachelor's in Biomedical and Systems Engineering dept. from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University 2021. She is passionate about machine learning and data-driven analyst with the ability to apply machine-learning techniques and leverage algorithms to solve real-world problems. She established an ability to deploy predictive models across different industries. She is a research assistant at Medical Imaging and Image Processing Research Group, Center for Informatics Science, and joined the Master’s in informatics, School of Information Technology and Computer Science, Nile University from 2021 to present.

  • 2 published conference papers at Medical Image Understanding and Analysis 2022 (MIUA 2022) and MEDI22, respectively.

1.  Contributed to the organization of the Smart Agricultural Clinic (SAC).

2. Helped in Supervising an intern student.

3.  Contributed to creating the publications' graphic abstract for the NU website.

4. Helped in reviewing the projects of UGRF.

5. Organizer at MEDI 2022.

Research Tracks
  • Medical Imaging and Image Processing
  • Deep Learning