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Salma Hossam Eldin Zakzouk

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Salma Zakzouk is a recent graduate of Nile University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering in July 2022 with highest honors and a GPA of 3.96/4.00. During her time at university, Salma excelled academically and was awarded an A+ for her thesis, "Lightweight Intelligent Food Recognition for Diabetes Management," which she went on to publish three conference papers related to the topic. Salma has also conducted research in the WINC Research Center and participated in several academic conferences, publishing papers on topics such as machine learning for rice crop irrigation and deep learning for rice leaf diseases detection. She has experience as a junior teaching assistant for linear algebra and is currently a full-time teaching assistant in Electronics & Computer Engineering at Nile University. 

  1. 4th place in Calculus II and Analytical Geometry course for Head Injury Criterion “HIC” research paper (May 2018)
  2. 3rd place in Differential equations course for Analysis of the classic action potential model_ Hodgkin–Huxley. ( Dec 2018)
  3. 1st place in Physics course for passive cooling buildings using design & thermal insulation techniques for less energy consumption. (Dec 2018)
  4. 1st place in the Electric Circuits course for the smart home project (Dec 2018)
  5. 1st place in Solid Modeling & Workshop for modified Expandable Roller Conveyor using Jack Stand (May 2019)
  6.  NU President’s Honor Certificate. (Dec 2019)
  7.  NU Dean’s Honor Certificate (March 2020)
  8. 1st place in Microprocessor Systems Design for Stopwatch Implementation using 8086 Microprocessor. (Feb 2021)
  9. NU Dean’s & President’s Honor Certificate. (Nov 2021)
  10. NU President’s Honor Certificate. (May 2022) .
Research Tracks
  1. Data Science & AI
  2.  Embedded Systems