Rameez Barakat

Teaching Assistant

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Dr. Tarek Khalil Building (UB 1)

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Rameez is a teaching assistant at the School of Information Technology and Computer Science at Nile university. She received her Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Ain Shams University, in 2019. She is currently a master's student in the Software Engineering program at Nile university. Rameez’s research interests are in software engineering and cross-platform development for mobile applications.

Recent Publications

TCAIOSC: Trans-Compiler Based Android to iOS Converter

Cross-platform development is the practice of developing software products or services for multiple platforms or software environments. The idea of cross-platform development is that a software application or product should work well in more than one specific digital habitat. This capability is typically pursued in order to sell software for more than one proprietary operating system. In general

Software and Communications

Trans-Compiler based Mobile Applications code converter: Swift to java

Numerous commercial tools like Xamarin, React Native and PhoneGap utilize the concept of cross-platform mobile applications development that builds applications once and runs it everywhere opposed to native mobile app development that writes in a specific programming language for every platform. These commercial tools are not very efficient for native developers as mobile applications must be

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Circuit Theory and Applications
Software and Communications
Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness

TCAIOSC: Application Code Conversion

Traditional mobile application development requires going through multiple development cycles in order for an application to work on different platforms. In cross-platform development, the application goes through only one development cycle to be deployed in multiple environments. Various cross-platform methodologies were explored to make it easy for developers to deploy their apps; one of which

Research Tracks
  • Software Engineering
  • Cross-platform Development