Mohamed Jumaa

Muhammad Jumaa Al-Halaby

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Research Assistant at Nile University since November 2021. He received his B.Sc. degree in Systems and Computer Engineering from Al-Azhar University in Cairo with distinction and honors. He is currently enrolled as a master's student in the informatics program at Nile University. Muhammad has excellent programming and problem-solving skills developed over a long journey in programming competitions which he started in high school and ended in 2022 reaching ICPC World Finals with his team after winning a bronze medal and ranking 9th place in the Arab Collegiate Programming Championship. He ranked in the top places in many programming competitions such as IEEEXtreme. His current research interests include deep learning, computer vision and remote sensing.

  • His team ranked 9th and won a bronze medal in Africa and Arab Collegiate Programming Championship (ACPC) and qualified for the 45th ICPC World Finals, Dhaka.
  • His team ranked 4th regionally and 2nd nationally and in the top 100 globally in the 45th ICPC World Finals, Dhaka.
  • Participated in the 45th ICPC World Finals
  • UGRF Jury
  • MEDI Organizer
  • Reviewer at NILES conference
  • Smart Agricultural Clinic Project Launch Event Organizer
Research Tracks
  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Remote Sensing