Laila Ashraf Hassan

Teaching Assistant

Faculty Building

Dr. Tarek Khalil (UB 1)

Office Number



Laila earned her B.Sc. degree in Biotechnology from the Faculty of Science, Cairo University. Currently, she is a Biotechnology master's candidate at the Faculty of Science, Cairo University in the field of Metagenomics. Her master’s project aims to identify the codon usage patterns across Earth’s subsurface metagenome, which may have environmental implications. Her passion for dedicating science to saving the environment started as an undergraduate when she co-founded the Cairo University environmental campaign, “Think Green”. Because of her research and activism, she was awarded the GERSS scholarship from the DAAD in 2015 for her proposal titled Ecotoxicogenomical Analysis of Pollutants in the Nile River. She also participated in the identification of the genome mapping of Trifollium alexandrinum, an important crop that has been cultivated in Egypt since ancient times, at the Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI).

She has long and extensive teaching experience in many subjects, such as: Introductory Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, the Human Genome and Disease, and Developmental Biology. Her teaching activity spanned many universities including the British University in Egypt (BUE) and Zewail City for Science and Technology and October 6th University.

Research Tracks
  • Metagenomics
  • Molecular Biology