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Heidi Ahmed Holiel

Research Assistant

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Heidi is a Research Assistant at the Center for Informatics Science (CIS) and a Master's student at Nile University. She has a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering from Helwan University. With a total of 90.12%, she was ranked first among my cohort; her graduation project was mainly about classifying autistic children using microarray gene expressions. 

She's currently working on a retinal prosthesis platform project under the supervision of Prof. Walid Al-Atabany to assist blind people in partially restoring their vision and regaining autonomy in their daily activities. 

Her research interests are Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data projects pique. 


  • Jury at UGRF.
  • Presenter for the fourth session titled "LaTeX" in the Workshop on Basic Research Skills.
  • Organizing conferences: MEDI 2022, NILES 2023.
Research Tracks
  • Medical Imaging and Image Processing,
  • Deep Learning