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Heba Ali Abdelbary

Research Assistant

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Dr. Tarek Khalil Building (UB 1)

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Heba is a Nile University research assistant and a master's student specializing in computational and cognitive neuroscience. She graduated from Cairo University with a bachelor's degree in systems and biomedical engineering and spent a semester studying in the biomedical engineering department at Hiroshima University in Japan. She is passionate about neurorehabilitation, neurorobotics, and brain-computer interfaces.

  1. Selected from the top ten projects in the KUKA Innovation Award 2022.
  2. Published a paper titled "Differentiation between Normal and Abnormal Functional Brain Connectivity Using a Non-Directed Model-Based Approach" in August 2022 at the 11th International Conference on Model and Data Engineering.
  3. Published a paper titled "Diagnosis of Autism Based on Functional Brain Connectivity Using the DeepGCN Approach" in May 2022 at the 26th UK Conference on Medical Image Understanding and Analysis, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge.
  4. 2nd place in the Postgraduate Research Forum, February 2023
  5. Judge Award, Nile University, August 2022, at the 14th Undergraduate Research Forum
  6. Full scholarship funded by Nile University for the master’s degree at Nile University in October 2021.
  7. Full scholarship funded by EJEP for short-term study at Hiroshima University, Japan, in June 2019.
  • Member of the joint task force for assisting post-Stroke aphasia recovery using brain functional connectivity and machine learning.
  • Assist in graduation project supervision.
Research Tracks
  • Computational Neuroscience and Neurorobotics