dr noha gamal

Dr. Noha Gamal

Assistant Professor


Dr. Noha Gamal is an Assistant Professor at Nile University's School of Information Technology and Computer Science. Since joining the faculty in 2015, she has demonstrated unwavering dedication to academia and research in computer and information sciences. She earned her Ph.D. from Ain Shams University, where her research focused on graph-based prediction and diagnosis of communicable diseases, underscoring her expertise in computer systems, network technologies, and artificial intelligence, particularly in artificial intelligence applications. Her master's thesis from Nile University, "Functional Reputation System for Ad Hoc Network for Detecting and Mitigating Different Types of Node’s Misbehavior," highlighted her proficiency in network security and wireless ad hoc networks.

Dr. Noha's academic journey began with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from Alexandria University in 2001. She has extensive industry experience, serving as Information Technology Manager at the Canadian University in Egypt and as Technical Support Department Head at Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Her background in industry, coupled with strong current connections with industry representatives, has enriched her vision to bridge the gap between academic delivered sciences and industry requirements.

In her current position, Dr. Noha has been pivotal in curriculum development, academic governance, and fostering a dynamic educational environment. Her diverse teaching profile includes developing innovative, hands-on projects that guide students from the first day of class to the final product.

Moreover, Dr. Noha has published in prestigious journals and conferences and continues to contribute to research in data science, applied mathematics, artificial intelligence, information and network security.

Beyond teaching, Dr. Noha engages deeply in administrative tasks and committee roles that support institutional missions. She understands the importance of efficient student information systems and quality assurance in education. Her vision for the future emphasizes the transformative power of innovative research, mentorship, and student-centered teaching.