Dr. Mostafa H. ElBolok

Assistant Professor

Faculty Building



Dr. Mostafa ElBolok is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Business School of Nile University. He previously held the position of Marketing Supervisor within the same school. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Helwan University. His Ph.D. thesis explored the "human sigma phenomena" and its impact on improving brand performance. Dr. ElBolok earned his Master's degree in Marketing from Nantes University in France and his Bachelor's degree from Faculty of commerce Cairo University - English section.

His research area focuses on branding, social media, and digital marketing, as evidenced by his academic publications in these areas. He has published research papers in international journals and recently won the Best Paper Award with his colleagues at the 6th International Conference on Multi-Disciplinary Research Studies and Education (ICMDRSE-2023) in Malaysia

On the practical side, Dr. Bolok boasts extensive experience in the media and advertising field. Formerly a TV presenter on various channels, he actively participated in crafting marketing campaigns, including both television and radio commercials. Dr. Bolok's recognizable voice narrates commercials and marketing materials, instantly adding a layer of professionalism and trust that brands rely on.

Dr. Bolok is also a Content Creator on different platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. His educational content aims to make marketing accessible by connecting key terminology with the latest trends.