Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Afifi

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Mohamed Afifi has a bachelor’s degree in 2008 and a master’s degree in 2012 in Mechanical Production Engineering from Benha University, Faculty of Engineering Shoubra, Egypt. Then he obtained his Ph.D. from the Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China, in 2019 in the materials processing research group, then a research fellow at Brunel University in the UK until July 2022.

Mohamed has practical expertise in the thermomechanical treatment of nonferrous alloys using heat treatment and deformation through working with Constellium SE; in addition, he has practical experience in Microstructural Characterization using OM, SEM (Leo, Supra and FIB-SEM), XRD and TEM (JEOL) operations. His current research is focused on developing lightweight materials with high mechanical performance to be applied in different industrial applications.

Research Tracks
  • Severe Plastic Deformation
  •  Dynamic Plastic Deformation
  •  Thermo-Mechanical Treatments of Heat Treatable alloys
  •  High Entropy Alloys
  •  Composites and Metamaterials
Research Project

Introducing Strain Rate as a Manufacturing Parameter

Objective/Contributions: To improve the strength of the 7xxx Aluminum alloys for automotive applications. To provide a fundamental understanding of the strengthening mechanisms of Aluminum alloys and to understand Precipitates-dislocation interaction after the deformation process under different strain rates. To bridge the gap between fundamental research and industrial applications. Outcome
Research Project

Advanced Meta Material with Different Poisson’s Ratio

Objective/Contributions: Finite element analysis using Ansys or MATLAB with different Meta Material structures. Apply additive manufacturing techniques to produce the newly designed material. Apply manufactured material in real-life applications like Robotic arm materials.