hassan sabry

Dr. ElHassan ElSabry

Assistant Professor

Faculty Building

UB 1

Office Number

224 B


Dr. ElSabry joined Nile University in 2022 as an assistant professor at the Graduate School of Management of Technology (MOT) following a mixed career in academia, corporate training and consulting. Dr. ElSabry is an experimental physicist by training. He received his B.Sc. in physics following a rich educational experience between Egypt (at the American University in Cairo) and the United States (SUNY New Paltz). He then got his M.Sc. in physics also from AUC. His master thesis laboratory work was conducted in a world-class biophysics lab at Göttingen University in Germany. 

In 2017, he was awarded a doctoral degree in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy from Japan's leading public policy school, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS).  After the award of his doctoral degree, he remained in Tokyo for two years based at Japan's prominent Hitotsubashi University, working at its Institute of Innovation Research and teaching at its business school.

Back to Egypt, he joined Mirqah for Scientific Research and Management Consulting as its Head of Research and Innovation. His role covered a number of areas, including research, consulting, and corporate training, in addition to setting up the organization's research policy and overseeing its transition to an academic institution.

His current research portfolio covers issues of university-industry collaboration in developing countries, strategic innovation management as well as the emerging topic of science philanthropy. Being one of the very few experts in MENA working at the intersection of innovation policy and strategic innovation management, Dr. ElSabry currently complements his teaching and research activities by collaborating with public, private and nonprofit entities across a number of different advisories and consulting engagements.       


Service to the school or the university

  •  Largest school-wide student advising campaign
  • Modifications to the MSc curriculum
  • Significant Modifications to the PhD curriculum
  • Development of the Professional Masters curriculum
  • Development of the standard Professional Diploma curriculum
  • Development of a specialized MOT diploma (Water and Wastewater Technologies)
  • Development of a specialized MOT diploma (Telecom sector)
  •  MOT School Feasibility Study
  • Active participation in the search process for new MOT faculty
  • Overseeing the development and continuous improvement of the new Coda-based school management software
  • MOT School Internationalization focal point

Service to the university

  • Drafting the University Gifts & Endowment Policy
  • Had an active role in the development of the university course evaluation policy
  • Helped in drafting a proposal for Samcrete’s plans to expand in Higher Education provision in collaboration with Nile University
  • Coordinating the NU MOSAIC Ranking Submission
  • Proposed and coordinated the establishment of a university-wide AI Taskforce
  • Support for I-D Tech management through advice and active networking
  • Trainer & judge, Ideation Workshop for aspiring startups, Nile University (May 2023)

Service to the community

  • Prepared a concept note for developing R&D and innovation management processes at the Holding Company of Water & Wastewater
  • Participated in the design and delivery of the National Planning Institute’s Professional Diploma in Applied Systems Analysis
  • Supported the development of the vision and processes of the government's newly established Innovator Support Fund (ISF)
  • Participated in drafting NU’s contribution to the Cabinet committee tasked with establishing Egypt’s National Innovation Authority (ENIA)
Research Tracks
  • STI Policy
  • Strategic Innovation Management
  • Science Philanthropy