Dr. Alaa-Eldin M. Adris

Professor at the Graduate School of Management of Technology

Faculty Building

UB 2


Throughout my 38-year career in science, technology, and innovation, I have been at the interaction point between industry and academia, serving on a different side at different times. As a result, I have been involved with all elements of the STI value chain, including policy, strategy, research, development, demonstration, commercialization, deep and science-based technology entrepreneurship, and licensing (playing the roles of both a licensor and a licensee).

As an Inventor of (7) seven U.S patents and team leader of three successful process technology commercialization projects, I was privileged to learn and teach the rigorous approach to successful technology development, demonstration, and commercialization. I also have experience securing venture capital in British Columbia and Alberta for my start-up patents (MRT). Later in my career, I focused on mentoring inventors in a wide range of research and creativity, fostering innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem, and developing economic growth strategies based on local knowledge and know-how.